ICapture Solutions Photography ( Melanie C Fine Art Photography ) covers Everything Flatlay Product Photography.

Flatlay Photography is a great way to showcase clients’ products in a creative and strategic manner. By applying the fundamental elements of photography, light, composition and exposure you can make your client’s images really stand out.

Making use of a Tether Tool Cable that runs from your Camera to the PC can help you do live shooting enabling you to place items and get your composition right before tanking your image. We purchased this cable from Cine Phototools.

Here is our Youtube Video about Flatylay Product Photography, covering some of the basics explained here in the blog:

We have collected sooooo many props, everything from utensils, antiques, nature elements, material over the past few years ( We hardly know where to store them anymore :-), but what makes this worthwhile, is it does not matter what type of product we need to capture we can just go dig and create a really great storyboard based on our client’s needs after all photography is all about telling stories.

Product Photography by ICapture Solutions ( Melanie C fine Art Photography)

We have also accumulated quite a number of different backgrounds from off-cut pieces of wood, rolls of decorative paper and we lovvvvveee the huge selection that Backdrop Shop SA have to offer. They really do have almost any texture or colour you can imagine. If you buy one of the boards you can also buy the set of t pieces so you can stand them up if you want to use a plain white one for example as a bounce card or use them for normal product photography. These are easy to store and keep clean. This one below is my new favourite one! They have some cool workshops to help you along your way too.

Flatlay Photography by Melanie C Cape town Based product photographers

If you would like to know more about this or have any questions, please email us: info@icapturesolutions.co.za or melanie@melaniec.co.za

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