The Nisi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180

We currently have the Nisi Focusing rail NM-180 with us in the studio. I have put it to the test both in the field and the studio. We have used it on a few occasions now and love it. This is also great for Video and can take up to 4.5kg.

If you are not familiar with macro stacking, it is when you take multiple exposures a few mm apart on different sections of your subject back to front or side to side and then blend them all in post-processing. Why would you do that? To get tack sharp images of your whole subject. People can take up to 150 or more images and stack them depending on the outcome they require.


This is a well-made manual focusing rail that fits an acra-swiss type mount. But it can screw into all tripod heads. ( If you are not sure what this is here is a good article to explain this.) I am slowly moving systems and will explain this in another blog and video but worth looking at)

The Nisi Macro Focus rail comes neatly packed in a box with an Acra-type plate, made with high-quality CNC machined aluminium. It has 4-foot nails that can be attached so you can shoot straight from a tabletop without a tripod. The thumb-screw knob adjusts easily and is great for storage. The head can rotate 380° degrees and has engraved index marks on both sides of the rail for fine adjustments.


Here is my youtube video I did on the rail, if you would like to see more of these you are welcome to like and follow for more content to follow:

If you would like to know more about these rails or would like to order one you are welcome to email me: and I will place your order and have it delivered within 48 hours within South Africa.

Love and Light

Melanie C

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