When starting out in any hobby or profession in life we tend to spend money on things we THINK we should own. The truth is we end up with a cupboard full of odds and ends that we NEVER end up using or even forget we have. I have helped many photographers with acquiring items they may need based on experience and their specific needs. All my recommended Brands and Retailers below are based on MY personal experience and exceptional service received, which has worked for me and is used daily to capture my art and our commercial business photography. Those who know me well or have been part of my courses or have had a one on one class with me will know I love helping people. The buying and selling trade can also be daunting especially not knowing how some of the platforms work and all the fraud doing the rounds. First-time buyers also find the process daunting as they are not even sure which genre of photography they are most drawn to, or what lenses or equipment is needed to further their craft. If you have any questions or are not sure where the best places are to buy something you might need please feel free to contact me so I can help you get the best price possible and offer sound advice based on your needs from my recommended Brands and Retailers: melanie@melaniec.co.za

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~Maya Angelou~