We all strive for the shot, you know the one that gets shared and liked all over the internet the one, that ends up on someone’s wall or in a magazine!
Being a creative person, you seem to see the World in a whole new light, and find beauty in every little grain of sand, even in places were people see nothing.

Creative moments can either present themselves or one can create them in several different ways and create an image instead of just taking one.
Once you have got the shot you envisioned or hoped for why not just take a moment, to take in all the beauty enjoy what nature has presented itself with, and while doing this you will actually get to see the other elements surrounding you, you would not even notice otherwise.

I often hear the words I don’t have a creative bone in my body…. Well, some may be more creative than others, but there is a creative element within all of us! I often use an exercise when I talk about creativity and make people see, they do in fact poses this, and the feedback and giggles that come from this is actually such a pleasure, to open the mind to be free from there every day this and that, into being in the present moment and involved in the current being. 

There is so much to be seen and captured, often landmarks and special places that have been captured 100000 times before. The secret to growing in your craft is to do your own take on something that has been captured so many times before it has become just an image. By making use of many In-Camera techniques, I mentor in one can really let those juices flow and you have the freedom to push the boundaries even beyond what you imagined. 
Art is such a subjective matter. One might think something is so brilliant, other might ask what the honkey dory is that supposed to be. Truth is, if you love what you have created, why not put it out into the world, people will judge you anyway so what makes you being you through a medium any different?

Any artist across the board is seen as very egotistic, it is not always being bigheaded but most cases its more about them pouring their hearts and souls into what they have created. The dark times, the good times, the tributes to what was, the secrets, the insecurities, the vulnerabilities and everything in-between. You have no idea what It took for that person to create what they did, were they coming from or why it was created.  If they do not ask for criticism on that particular piece and someone comes and cuts them down, you are actually cutting their whole being down. 

There seems to be this very ignorant conception about Fine Art or Art in general were people believe that it is an image or artwork that stems from a mistake being made and passed as art. You need the technical ability to be able to shoot professionally to use what you know to manipulate your equipment into thinking the way you would like it to, to create what you have in mind! 

The purest form of Art is something that is created by the artist, with everything they got, to produce something that is not only interesting but something that will keep the viewer entertained for more than just a second. 

So the next time you are taking your perfect image, take the time to create one that you WANT to create not what you think you need to produce! By now I’m sure you have your following and people know what you are capable of, surprise them with something new, fresh and unique!

Creative Seascape as Sunset

Kommetjie Lighthouse, Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa

Love and Light

Melanie C

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